Reality show : Growing Up African


The concept of the reality show is to present a positive but factual presentation of the blessings and struggles of growing up African.

The unique quality about this family is the age range at the current time. All five were born in the 1980’s and are in their 20’s going through various stages of life. This would be an opportunity first, to entertain various households but in the long run create a positive image for Africa. This isn’t the means to the end but an introduction to make African culture mainstream. Attached below is an intro, update and the first episode that premiered through the website on December 9, 2010.

We would again love to hear feedback as we line up different networks and production companies to support the concept of Growing Up African. Each week for the next five weeks there will be an episode premiering each week with also reel highlights of various events like Haloween, Christmas, Birthdays, Parties etc. All of these episodes can be watched on the website at along with personal blogs and new updates on the show’s progressions.
Please also remember to visit the show’s youtube channel at